Begin the fun of living a renewable life with “The Renewables®” Movie


Every kid dreams about what they will do during the school holidays, so be ready to create lots of excitement and fun!

“How can I do that?” you ask.

We’ve taken the guesswork and effort out of your holiday planning. You can create projects that will not only keep children busy, but will set them up on a very creative journey that will continue long after the holidays have ended.

“The Renewables®” Movie PLUS Holiday Project Planner
for children 5-12 (and everyone else).

Renewables Movie Poster
Renewables Planner
Sample page from the School Holiday Project Planner

* The movie (duration 57 minutes) is a downloadable mp4 file that you can play on your computer or device. The School Holiday Project Planner comes as a downloadable PDF.

Play the Video Trailer

Meet The Renewables®! Windy, Sunny and Rainy

What if you could start your children on a journey that would:

  • Be fun and keep them focused on creative tasks
  • Build skills that would increase their self-sufficiency
  • Get them to grow food to put into their lunch boxes
  • Build a worm farm, compost heap, garden boxes, and much more
  • Understand the science behind renewables

But you say, “I don’t have much money to spend on the holidays.”

What if you could create a motivated team that have fun doing interesting, useful and money saving or even money making projects? Why this could be the first school holiday that SAVES you money!

  • Learn to Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
  • Practice saving energy and water
  • Grow your own veggies

But you say, “I haven’t got the time or expertise to do something like this.”

Yes, you do! Here’s how:

“The Renewables®” School Holiday Kit includes the inspirational, downloadable movie “The Renewables®” plus the accompanying Project Planner worksheets. They are suitable to do during the school holidays and don’t require technical knowledge.

So don’t wait! Order “The Renewables®” School Holiday Kit today and get started on the fun of living a renewable life!

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